What flight qualifications must I have to join?
Must be at least private pilot with current medical and biennial. Must be able to pass check ride with CFI approved by Metro Flyers, Inc. Bonanza qualifications, must have 200 hours PIC time and pass insurance minimums for retractable aircraft.


Are the planes easily available when I want to fly?
Aircraft are scheduled on request. Those scheduling in advance are more likely to have availability than those waiting until the last minute. Most members find the aircraft available when they want them. Aircraft are more available during the week than weekends or holidays.


Who owns the planes?
The members. The club is an actual corporation and the members are actual shareholders in the airplanes and any assets of the club.


How do I schedule my flights?
Members have password access to www.schedulemaster.com on the Internet. Scheduling is available at all times. All aircraft schedules may be viewed on the website.


How are the airplanes equipped?
Both are IFR certified with long-range fuel tanks. See specification sheets for complete details.


How do they perform?
At normal 75% cruise power, the Bonanza has a TAS of 155 knots at 16 GPH. The 182 at normal cruise has a TAS of 135 knots at 15 GPH.


Who else is in the club?
Members are a diverse group. We have retired and current airline pilots, university professors, engineers, businessmen, a minister, ex-military pilots and lower time general aviation enthusiasts.


How many members are in the club?
There are 16 shares available in the club. The actual number of active members may vary from time to time. Bylaws limit the member to airplane ratio to 10:1.


What does it cost to join?
A member must purchase a share from an existing member or a club owned share. In addition to the initial investment, the member will sign liability document as collateral on the current outstanding debt. Monthly dues are $300 per member to cover note payment, hangar rental, insurance, repairs and normal maintenance expenses.


What does it cost to fly?
Bonanza $130.00 per hour including fuel
Skylane $110.00 per hour including fuel

We bill ourselves using Tach time, not Hobbs... producing more savings over renting or other clubs.