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Metro Flyers, Ltd. is a private flying club based at Denton Municipal Airport. We provide club members use of aircraft at reasonable rates without the limitations of normal renting, such as minimum overnight charges. We currently have two aircraft - a 1975 Cessna 182P and a 1966 Beechcraft Bonanza V35. Our members enjoy the convenience of managing reservations 24 hours a day through the Internet or telephone. Metro Flyers, Ltd. maintains an insurance policy covering the club, aircraft, and its members. Feel free to take a look around.

1975 Cessna 182 P
This Cessna 182 was acquired by Metro Flyers in 2005. The aircraft is hangered, IFR certified with long range fuel tanks and autopilot.

1966 Beechcraft Bonanza V35
The Beechcraft Bonanza has long been the "Cadillac" of small general aviation aircraft. This Bonanza V35 was acquired by Metro Flyers in 1994. With a brand new interior, IFR certification and autopilot you will enjoy the style of extended trips.


Memberships available.
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Club meetings held monthly.
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Aircraft Scheduling

24 hour online aircraft scheduling
managed through Schedule Master

Contact Information

Email: info@metroflyersclub.com
Call: 972-399-9359