Google Hangouts is a Google product that allows for instant messaging,
video call, and audio calls between individuals and groups. Below are
procedures to allow you to listen to, view, and participate in club
meetings even when unable to attend in person. 

  • Open a browser and navigate to
  • Sign into your google account if you haven't already done so. 
  • Send your google account email that's associated with Hangouts to     
  • You should receive a hangout audio or video call from someone in the club who is attending the meeting. 
  • Click "Answer" to join the call. 
  • You will be able to hear, see(if enabled) and participate in the call. 
  • Please be courteous and mute your microphone/video if appropriate to provide the best experience for others. 

Contact or Will at with questions or if you'd like to test your hangout connection prior to the meeting.